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Life’s complicated. Starting a Bible study doesn’t need to be.

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Does starting and staying connected to a small group Bible study feel like too big a commitment in light of life’s busyness and everyday demands?

Maybe you think facilitating a group is a whole lot more complicated than just attending?

Perhaps you’re worried you’ll have to shoulder responsibility for the group on your own?

Countless people disqualify themselves from inviting others to join them in Bible study due to the sheer level of expectation they think they will have to fulfill.

At WordGo, we believe that not only is Bible study best experienced together; it doesn’t need to be a struggle.

Our goal is to train God’s people for this life and the next, by helping as many of you as possible reach your friends, colleagues, and communities with God’s Word.

We need God, we need one another, and we need the Spirit-empowered words of the Bible to keep pursuing God in community. That’s why, when you take your first brave step to start a Bible study, we offer you all you need to keep your group connected to Scripture and to one other.

So, if the idea of inviting others to study with you feels intimidating, here are three steps to set your mind at ease and help get you started!

Step 1 - Step up and start out!
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God uses even the most inexperienced people to study the Bible with others. You don't need to know all the answers, and you certainly don’t need to be a pastor, mentor, scholar, or preacher.  All you need is a desire to learn from God’s Word and to include others along the way. You initiate by setting up the study and inviting people to join. After that, it’s up to everyone in the group to participate.

Step 2 - Get supportive tools and training

When you download WordGo and sign up to become a Group Guide, you choose a course to study with your friends, and we provide you with all the tools you need to run your group. From journals to training guides - and even help from fellow Guides on our Private Facebook Group - we are here to walk alongside you.

Imagine... no more searching for the next sound Bible study resource to do with your group...

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With WordGo you get immediate access to exceptional content written by Bible Study Fellowship’s network of trusted scholars. We give you all the questions, Scripture readings, study notes and audio teaching you need, delivered straight to your phone.

Imagine… no more time-consuming program planning...

WordGo provides realistic and repeatable Gathering programs that pave the way for organic conversation. Our Guides say starting a Bible study with WordGo “feels a lot easier” because it is “set up” to be “a facilitator for meaningful discussion.” For example, the app’s intro-Gathering feature offers a useful suggested outline for your first meeting, including practical ways to get to know each other. It also guides your group through the process of choosing the study you want to do and the arrangements for where and when you will meet.

Imagine… no more racking your brains for discussion ideas...

Our courses contain an excellent variety of thoughtful questions, and we give you creative ways to use them to unlock deeper conversation, shape, and activate your time together.

Step 3 - Enjoy group Bible study made simple!
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We don’t do life alone; so no one should have to guide alone. Ideally, WordGo groups should be distinctly collaborative; small groups of believers living and speaking into one another's lives; growing in mutual accountability, friendship, and support.

Sure, one person invites, but thereafter everyone contributes. The whole group trains together with WordGo to have biblical conversations and become more like Christ in the process.

Our audio training and our WordGo journal articles walk Guides and Group Members through all the essentials for the best group study experience, including how to: get your group off to a great start; create the atmosphere for discussion; prepare for discussion times, manage group dynamics; and support connected conversation. We also offer invaluable advice on how to take care of yourself, support others, and help to make your group a safe place for everyone.

… So… there’s no day like today!

… Step up and start out

… get the support, tools and training you need, and

… enjoy group Bible study made simple.

Life’s complicated. Starting a Bible study doesn’t need to be. Build biblical community by becoming a Group Guide with WordGo.

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