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What is WordGo?

WordGo delivers daily study plans straight to your phone, helping you connect with God through His Word.

Starting a Study

Launching a study group shouldn’t be difficult. You don’t have to struggle to find resources and get training.

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WordGo for your Church

Equip your congregation with the resources, tools and training they need to start and lead a small group.

Keep your church body connected and growing together in God’s Word.

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What's included?

Get Trained

From blogs to training videos, we’ve got everything you need to confidently start a WordGo Group.

Win the day

Establish a sustainable daily rhythm. Studies show that a little study every day is by far the most effective approach.

Upgrade your routine

Take your morning run, gym session, or train journey to the next level with WordGo teaching and audio resources.

Customize it

You decide how much time you can afford every day. The app sends you the appropriate amount of study content.

Set alerts

Study when you want. Pick a time and the app will remind you when to get started.

Go together

Beat procrastination and isolation by gathering with your WordGo Group. Share, listen and encourage.

“And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of the disciples multiplied greatly...”

Acts 6:7

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Where does WordGo fit?

Discover the thinking behind WordGo, who built it, and why it exists.

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