4 steps to start a Group Bible Study

Together in Bible study, our lives are transformed for the better.

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Think of a time you were part of a community that transformed your life… Maybe you met regularly with friends for food or coffee and consistently left feeling encouraged by the conversation. Or maybe you were part of a home group where you gathered to pray and study the Bible with friends.

We know it’s true: Faithfully gathering weekly to connect, laugh, eat, pray, and dive into Scripture can tremendously impact our daily lives.

But what makes a group Bible study particularly impactful? It's not necessarily the great food and snacks (as important as those are) — it's the content!

Impactful group Bible study:

In these moments, our attitudes start to change, and our priorities begin to reorder. In group Bible study, our lives are being transformed for the better, for God's good.

Just think: You, as a WordGo Guide, have the opportunity to create an environment where lives are changed. Does the thought excite you?

Consider four simple steps to start a group Bible study:

Step 1. Invite Some Friends.
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Think... who do you know that might be interested in discussion-driven group Bible study? Are they friends from college, from work, your neighborhood, or some like-minded people from your local church?

Write down... 3-5 people you would invite to your WordGo group. When you've got your list together, pray! Ask God for the opportunity to ask each person personally.

And remember… If you’re considering WordGo as a resource for a church small group, share your plans with your Pastor or relevant church leader!

Step 2. Prepare for Your First Gathering

Your first gathering should feel like a relaxed meet-up where people can connect and learn more about WordGo. Choose an environment where your friends will feel at ease. It could be a coffee shop, a home, a church, or even online. Find a space where you can use the app's Intro-Gathering feature to chat through available study material and decide what course works best for you.

The first time we attend any social gathering can be intimidating! So, consider how you can make the space a place that sets others at ease:

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For in-person meets, you can…

For virtual meets, you can…

Step 3. Gather Your Group
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If you feel nervous before your first gathering, rest assured this is a natural response to starting something new — in a few months, you'll feel differently!

On your first gathering…

  • While waiting and hoping for people to arrive or log in, relax. Remember, you can always message your group the day before to confirm who's coming.
  • As soon as you're all gathered, introduce anyone who doesn't know one other. Then, grab some snacks and dive in!
  • The app's Intro-Gathering feature will help you get started, get to know each other, and chat through the available study material. Feel free to make it your own!
  • Decide together what WordGo Course works best for your group.

Once you've chosen your course, the app guides you through the setup process: designate your future location and time and give each member access to your group.

Step 4. Make People Feel at Home

Remember, there's no exact formula for a successful small group. But with a welcoming attitude and thoughtful intentions, you can help Group Members feel at home.

Always emphasize: warm welcomes, remembering names, and introducing anyone new. You can work on these personal aspects each week!

Always aim to: make people feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Because when people do, your connection, group discussion, and prayer times will all significantly benefit.

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As you create an environment where people are encouraged to go deeper into God's Word, your small group could become the unmissable event in your weekly calendars! Begin today by writing down a few simple ways to create a welcoming space and maximize your first gathering.

And remember, to get started in group Bible study:

...invite your friends

...prepare to meet

...gather your group

...and make people feel at home.

Are you excited to see what God will do – within you and in your daily lives? Become a Group Guide with WordGo and get ready for transformational group Bible study. 

Looking for more? Our in-app “How to be a Guide” audio training and WordGo journal articles walk Group Guides through the essentials of impactful group Bible study. Discover how to: get your group off to a great start; create the atmosphere for discussion; prepare for discussion times, manage group dynamics; and support connected conversation.