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How WordGo can serve your local church in the pursuit of God’s Word.

Hannah Hartmann · 4 min read

Let’s build community. Let’s create a sense of belonging. From Sunday to Sunday, and in the space between, we long to make our local churches a place to call home! Service teams, worship teams, children’s clubs, small groups, local outreach, and fellowship meals—but sometimes, if we’re honest, it can be all too easy to lose focus on God and His Word, and head towards burnout.

God is the very best builder of His Church. His Word provides a solid and sure foundation for every gathering of His people.

So here are four ways your church can use WordGo to stay connected to God, His Word and one another:

1. Support small group discussion

You see friends at church, but do you actively talk about the Bible with them? Church small groups serve up the perfect setting, but it can be hard to start the conversation, keep it going, and stay focused.

WordGo is a free app designed with small groups in mind. Mine the course library for small group study ideas across the Old and New Testament. With daily structured courses between two and six weeks long, you’re sure to find a study plan that fits your church’s small group needs!

WordGo’s study questions are rooted in the Scripture at hand and ready to go for discussion. Get group discussion actively back on track at any moment with the tap-able insight resource. Keep in step with key doctrines and biblical context by checking the study notes for pre-discussion prep – or read them aloud together! Then, listen to the audio teaching and share what you took away.

WordGo supports small group discussion with layers of rich content, to equip your church family to grow in God’s Word and go deeper with one another.

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2. Welcome with the Word

Are there new believers in your church who are new to the Word? Studying the Bible is essential to growing in faith, but learning how best to approach Scripture can feel like a brand new skill.

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Try using WordGo as a tool for one-on-one discipleship to equip new believers by walking them through Scripture verse-by-verse. Set a schedule together with a one-week Get Started course, or begin making your way through our full series in John. Take the four-fold approach one step at a time; read the passage, respond to questions, reference the notes, and reflect on a weekly teaching that brings it all together.

WordGo’s content invites believers at any stage of their faith to engage with the depth of Scripture together at a flexible pace – on the go, after church, in your home, or even over Zoom.

With WordGo, faithfully guide a new friend into how to study the Bible while actively doing it together.

3. Strengthen those who serve

Are your leaders and service teams being fed as much as they’re giving to others? Studying the Bible together outside of serving provides leaders an opportunity to see one another’s faith and remember the One who’s really at work.

Make a study with WordGo a thank-you for church workers’ acts of service; for all their scheduling, emailing, printing bulletins, advising, teaching, and even leading Bible study for others. Take the pressure off with WordGo’s tap-and-go structure and schedule to get right to what matters. Revisit books like James, 1 Corinthians, and 1 John to affirm one another’s God-given gifts, encourage one another to persevere in truth, and know the joy of talking about the One who loves each of you deeply.

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Try pairing WordGo with an appreciation dinner — feasting together on good food and God’s Word will strengthen everyone in the best ways.

4. Deepen personal study time

Are your church members getting enough alone time with God? To contribute meaningfully to the life of our church communities, we all need space to hear God speak to us individually through His Word and change us from within. Personal study and prayer are often where this happens.

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With daily reminders to engage with God’s Word, optional prompts to pray before studying, and customizable study questions, we make it as easy as possible to get started with solo study, and keep going, even amid the fast pace of ministry, work, and family life.

WordGo offers a simple way for you and your church members to form a crucial habit of personally exploring Scripture and encountering God.

So, if you want to support connected small group discussion, welcome new believers into great Bible study, strengthen those already faithfully serving, and deepen everyone’s personal study time, WordGo could be just the right fit for you and your church family. To learn more visit ​​

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