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A book she was never supposed to read

Member Story: Kelly Edwards

Bennett Rolan · 3 min read

Sitting alone in her bedroom, 15-year-old Kelly Edwards opened a book she was never supposed to read.

Kelly’s father, a firm atheist, despised Christianity and had discarded the book, now sitting in his daughter’s lap. It was short, no more than a few pages, and included a simple description of the gospel. But as Kelly read words like sin and forgiveness, a new hope grew inside of her.

Kelly was overwhelmed that a perfect God would send His Son to die just for her. And learning of Christ’s Resurrection, she immediately embraced faith and prayed. In that moment, she knew she wasn’t alone; God was with her.

“I was raised in a hostile environment towards God,” Kelly shared. “I remember going back to school and everyone was like, ‘something’s different about Kelly.’ At that time, I was so in love with God. I was so on fire for Him.”

Despite her family’s opposition, Kelly’s faith continued to grow. But like many of us, her passion for Christ dimmed in her early 20’s. Her days were busy, and life was hard. But God’s plan for Kelly never wavered.

Years later, as a new mom, a neighbor invited Kelly to a nearby Bible Study group. Exhausted and lonely, Kelly found comfort. She discovered that the God of the Bible still speaks to us today. She found solace through a painful miscarriage, and courage as she struggled to reconcile with her father.

“I don’t think there’s ever a day when I do my WordGo Bible study that I don’t go, ‘That is so good! I need to write that down!’ It’s just gold,” she said. “It helps me encourage people who are going through hard times. It helps me face trials and be prepared.”

Today, Kelly is a busy homeschooling mom and professional photographer. With her demanding schedule, she relies on WordGo to keep her faith active.

“One of the things I love about WordGo is that it’s not superficial. It’s digging deep and breaking down each passage,” she shared. “I have been loving the John study so much! I’ve learned that every day brings opportunities to be more like Jesus. That’s the goal! That’s the mantra, if you can keep it. ‘Good morning God, today’s the day I get to learn to be a little bit more like Jesus.’”

WordGo is always available when Kelly has a quiet moment to meet with God. In the courses, she finds hope, purpose, connection, and focus. Through her deeper study of God’s Word, Kelly’s passion for Christ is re-ignited daily.

“It’s the little discoveries of knowledge that fuel me. Whether it’s a word of encouragement or seeing something in a new way – that’s what motivates me to continue to find my passion. WordGo is not just ‘open up your Bible, read a passage, and this is what this is about.’ There’s something special about it that challenges you. There’s something special about it that challenges you. Finding these little insights about God’s character that I didn’t know before, finding things in the Bible that I had never seen before – it’s like finding a treasure!”

Many of us crave Kelly’s passion. We want to grow our faith, but we struggle to find the time or opportunity. We may feel overwhelmed by our insecurities, or even be fearful to start something new.

Through WordGo, we find a simple solution. Whether we use the app on our lunch break or wake up 15 minutes early to open our Bible, God is waiting to meet us. For those struggling with a daily routine, Kelly offers encouragement:

“Everybody goes through busy and not busy seasons, so giving yourself grace is important. But putting your mind right before you face the day is also important. It feels so easy to go into this mindless social media (loop), but we need to be aware and awake to what God is saying. We can’t stand up for the things of God if we don’t know what God’s Word says. For us to stand up, we have to have a firm foundation. Just get yourself into the habit of it. Start small and take baby steps.”

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