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The question that transformed my family

Member Story: Alex Valencsin

Bethany Peterson · 3 min read

For over ten years, Alex had prayed for her husband’s family to come to know and love God. A long-time member and leader within Bible Study Fellowship, it frustrated her that she’d been unable to share the joy of Bible study with those she cared about so deeply.

One day, a visit with her brother-in-law and his wife opened up hopeful conversations for the first time. Alex summoned the courage to follow up with a tentative ask, “Would you be interested in studying the Bible with us?”

To her surprise, they said yes! And the rest is history.

Alex introduced her family to WordGo, a digital tool by Bible Study Fellowship that allows you to study God’s Word with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Since last summer, Alex and her husband have enjoyed WordGo studies - Scripture, questions, notes, teaching - and weekly discussion over FaceTime with his sister and her spouse.

Alex was shocked to see how much her sister-in-law Lauren devoted herself to the study every week. Alex admitted she didn’t always get time to listen to the teaching herself, but Lauren “literally was so hungry because she had never studied God’s Word. She did all the questions … she read the notes, she listened to the teaching, and she came asking phenomenal questions. It opened a door for conversation that I could not have done without the app.”

WordGo allowed Alex to have conversations about God and His Word with her family for the first time. It has also facilitated an opportunity for regular, meaningful connections between them every week. Before starting this rhythm of studying the Bible together, Alex remembered, their FaceTime calls felt shallow, and they mostly spoke about their kids. Now every conversation has a purpose and a depth they never experienced before. She told us, “[WordGo] makes me want to weep because of the gift it gave me to be able to talk to people that I love about God’s Word without it being threatening.”

Lauren expressed how studying God’s Word alongside her family has transformed and encouraged her, too. After a few weeks studying the Bible with WordGo, Lauren shared in an instagram post that at first she was scared of God seeing her as a “faker.” But everything changed when she read this verse from John, the course they were studying together: “No one comes to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.” (John 6:44)

Lauren realized then that if she had a desire to learn about God, He was the One who had given her that desire. “It literally blows my mind – that I’m feeling this so strongly about changing my life, and having the desire to learn so much because He is seeking me,” she wrote.

Have you been praying that a family member or friend might know the joy of knowing God? Don’t give up! Ask Him for the courage and opportunity to ask that momentous question, “Will you study the Bible with me?” Like Alex, you might be surprised by their answer.

WordGo offers everything you need for guiding you, your family, and friends in your study of God’s Word. Download the WordGo app and start your own small group today!

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