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How you can deepen relationships through God's Word

Hilary Foye · 4 min read

Would you love to study the Bible with others but you feel like there aren't enough hours in your day? You’ve got friendships to maintain; exams to study for; your business to build; children to look after; appointments to attend; housework to handle; emails to answer, and nowhere near enough time to catch a breath big enough to open your Bible?

Busyness is well-known to be a big barrier to regular Bible study. But what if you could make better use of the encounters you already have everyday with your friends, family or colleagues? What if there were a simple way to make routine conversations count for this life and the next? And what if all this were possible through one-to-one Bible study?

Did you know that up to 61% of 20-somethings and 42% of over 30s would be willing to study the Bible if a friend or family member asked them to? Now there's an exciting opportunity! But where do you start?

At WordGo, we believe in making Bible study as easy as it can be. Our Bible app offers a fully-resourced four-fold experience of Scripture, questions, study notes and teaching, which empowers you to start studying with anyone, anywhere.

Here are five people you could invite to join with you today:

… your parent
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Most of us long to be close to our parents. But talking openly to the older adults in your life can sometimes feel awkward, or even intimidating.

Reading the Bible with your mum, dad or caregiver could open a new door to deep conversations. Scripture doesn't shy away from real-life issues. When your older family members hear you verbalize thoughts and feelings on hard topics, it becomes easier for them to understand and get to know you. When your personal positions and generational perspectives on a passage come together, you will both come away richer for it.

‘WordGo has really improved the way we interact. It has helped heal fissures between various family members.’
… your child

Experts reckon every child needs at least fifteen minutes of one-to-one connection with their parents a day to thrive. But how much more do they need this for their spiritual well-being?

One-to-one Bible study offers you the chance to connect meaningfully with your child and cultivate spiritual growth in your home. Quality time with your children doesn't get much better than quality time together in the Word.

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‘My daughter and I have grown closer together as we study the Word together. I love being able to pass on that love for God and His Word on to her.’
… your husband or wife
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There’s a reason why you look forward to date night dinners with your loved one so much. Uninterrupted conversation fosters intimacy and clear communication. You’d be missing out on so much if you and your other half always ate meals alone.

Yet it's just the same if you never feed on God’s Word together. Studying the Bible as a couple creates a safe place where you can share your heart and center your lives on Christ.

‘My husband and I have been able to use WordGo to … grow closer to the Lord on our own and as a couple. It has deepened our relationship and we leave our time closer to each other and the Lord.’
… a Christian friend

One of the best things you can do when starting a new diet or fitness plan is to ask a friend to do it with you. Not only will you have crucial accountability, your fitness journey will be even more memorable and enjoyable.

It's the same with spiritual fitness. When you have another person studying the Bible with you, you'll both enjoy it more and you can push through the challenging parts as a team.

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“I found it insightful to wrestle together with the questions and notes…[they] definitely move me to a deeper place in my reflection on Scripture. It was so good to meet with a friend to discuss things together in this way!”
… a non-Christian
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Is there someone you know who would be against going to church, but might be willing to download a free Bible app and read Scripture with you? One of the most powerful ways to reach your friends who don't know Jesus is to share the Bible with them.

Many unbelievers will be much more willing to read Scripture than you might think. But it can be hard for us to know where to begin, especially if we’ve never done it before. First, ask God to direct you to the right person. Then send them an informal invite that might stir their interest. You could use something like the sample below:

“Hi! I’d love to share a story with you that changed everything for me. Would you be interested in reading through a part of the Bible with me for a week or two?”

Get started with WordGo

Doing your first one-to-one Bible study doesn't need to be complicated. WordGo offers accessible short courses, between one and six weeks in length, that can help you start off on the right track.

For example, our five-part study of the Gospel according to John is a great course to introduce people to Jesus. Or, if you've never led a Bible study before, our ‘Get Started: Wisdom’ course will take you through the basics in just one week.

So, if you want to:

...know your family members better

...grow together with other believers, and

…reach the non-Christians you know for Jesus,

…Get the WordGo Bible app, get one person to read with, and go!

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