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Bible Study for Busy People

Pushed for time? Don’t let Bible study get pushed out.

Hilary Foye · 4 min read

We all know life can get busy. Between family, church and work commitments, schedules are squeezed, and sometimes it can feel like there aren’t many spare minutes in the day. But everyday responsibilities shouldn’t have to stop you from experiencing great Bible study with friends. We’ve put together six top tips from two Group Guides to help you ensure nothing gets in the way of you spending quality time in God’s Word.

1. Be creative
“… the key [for our Bible study group] was [to meet] early enough in the morning before work demands, and it helped that we all lived in the same neighborhood.” (Stephen)

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to great group Bible study. WordGo makes it simple for you to be creative with the leisure time you already have in your week. Maybe you could study together with colleagues to make best use of your 30-minute lunch break, or chat over some questions on an early morning walk? If you’re unable to meet in person, why not consider the virtual option? An online Bible study can be a really time-efficient way to connect with people who don’t live near you.

2. Be flexible
“We’ve experimented meeting at weekends, in the evenings, and at lunchtimes. All three options have presented difficulties and unforeseen obstacles. That’s why remaining open to change is vital.” (Simon)

The more flexible you are, the less chance you have of getting injured. This well-known fitness principle also applies to spiritual growth. If you’re rigid about when you meet together to study the Bible, your group might find it hard to adapt to changing external factors, such as the arrival of a new baby, or a change in shift patterns. Regularly check in on whether the current day or time for gathering suits your group and be willing to change, even if it means temporarily moving to a timeslot that is doable but not ideal. It’s easy to update your gathering on the calendar in the app to keep everyone in the loop.

3. Be consistent
“Even if your group is pressed for time and you only have 15-20 minutes for discussion, still meet! What God wants to say and do isn’t bound or limited by time” (Simon)
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Studies have shown that when trying to establish a new habit, consistency is key. When lots of other commitments creep onto your calendar, it can be hard to prioritize meeting with your group. But Bible study in regular, short bursts will impact your life far more than a marathon session every few months. The WordGo Bible app delivers you everything your group needs for a great discussion straight to your phone, so that when you do make the time to meet, you can maximize every minute you have together.

4. Be strategic
“It's okay not to get through the whole passage in one gathering. There's no rush, take your time.” (Simon)

Every small group Bible study should feel free to move at their own pace and find their ideal rhythm. If a study is dense and extra time is needed to unpack the truths, why not take two weeks on one week’s material (i.e. meet every two weeks)? You don’t need to work through every question for each week. Taking the time you need to digest what God is speaking to you through His Word is much more important than sticking to a particular structure or time frame.

5. Be realistic
“It's not a failure for a group to naturally come to an end… we should celebrate any opportunity to study and gather, however long it lasts.” (Simon)

Bible study groups don’t need to meet indefinitely. Don't be afraid to start a time-limited group; you can enjoy the WordGo app as a solo member for a while, then start over with different people when you’re ready. In fact, it might be wise to agree at the outset that it’s perfectly fine to positively disband after completing one course together. You’ll still have your group saved on the app if you ever want to start up again. Keeping things open-ended and unforced takes the pressure off everyone.

6. Be transformed
“There's no better way to become spiritually fit than with others. The WordGo Bible app helps us stay connected with God by staying in His Word.” (Simon)

When you read the Bible, you change your life. When you study the Bible with friends, you are transformed. But even with the best intentions, it’s easy for life’s daily demands to take over. Are you pushed for time and looking for a great Bible study resource that will fit in your life? Do you want to prioritize connecting with God and your friends on a deeper level? Put God back at the centre of your life with a little help from WordGo.

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“WordGo has helped bring together me and three other dads in my neighborhood to learn more about God. [It] was a great tool for our small community in that it created a rich Gospel-centric Bible study in an easy to use format.’ (Stephen)

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