Study Length: 2 weeks

Have you ever spent time reflecting on the world you live in and the circumstances of your life and found your heart crying out, “Why?” Perhaps you feel hesitant to have that conversation with God—to express your confusion and ask why. Is it okay for God’s people to bring their honest questions to God?

God’s prophet Habakkuk does exactly that in the book named for him. He asks God his difficult and honest questions. God’s answers surprise him, enlighten him, and turn his heart to worship. In this two-week study, Habakkuk: Conversations with God, experience this genuine and beautiful conversation, which shows us that, yes, we can bring our honest questions to our sovereign God.

In week one, explore Habakkuk’s questions to God as he observes the violence and strife around him. God’s answers to these questions are surprising, yet lead to great hope.

In week two, rejoice with Habakkuk in his God-glorifying prayer that turns his troubled heart to find joy and strength in the Lord.

The book of Habakkuk reveals the sovereignty of God and His great faithfulness to His people. We can bring Him our difficult questions in confidence that, no matter the circumstances, He acts for our great good and His perfect glory.  


What's included:

Develop a weekly routine and daily rhythm of engaging with the Bible.

Take time to develop a deeper understanding of the passage and consider how it applies to your everyday life.

Dig deeper into the text using purpose-made content from a network of trusted scholars.

Expand your grasp of each passage with Bible teaching and storytelling that offer additional insights and action points.

Ask questions and share what you're learning with fellow members in a weekly Group Gathering.

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