Christ's Life and Work

Study Length: 5 weeks

Who is Jesus Christ and what has He done?

It’s been almost two thousand years since people saw the resurrected Jesus. His earthly ministry took place in an ancient culture and history unfamiliar to us. Yet even after Jesus’ Resurrection, His disciples, new believers, and even His enemies were asking familiar questions: What really happened? How can I be sure this story is true?

In this five-week study, Hope Has a Name, picture yourself in Jesus’ salvation story. Get planted in biblical context to learn with the earliest disciples: Sharing the hope of Christ is worth the cost of our lives.

Set the tone with Acts chapter 7, as Stephen, the first Christian martyr, stands trial and remains unshaken. Charged by those who condemned Christ, Stephen recounts God’s faithfulness to Israel and testifies to the long-awaited fulfillment of His promise; the Messiah is the Son of God, Jesus Christ—our only hope of salvation.

Step back in time with Matthew 26-28, as the Apostle Matthew authenticates Jesus’ life and work. Enter the action alongside the disciples—from the Last Supper and Jesus’ arrest to His trials, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection, and Great Commission.

Witness Jesus’ faithful preparation for His death and determination to redeem His people. See Jesus’ mistreatment at the hands of His enemies while forgoing His right to defend Himself. Matthew calls us in close to know Jesus’ quiet dignity was not weakness or hopelessness, but strength surrendered for our sake and His Father’s glory.

God’s resurrection power prevails in a hope whose name is Jesus. The sinless Son of God willingly bore sin’s curse in place of sinful people; God’s wrath was poured on Him instead. This sacred exchange means God forgives us without compromising His holiness. The risen Christ broke death’s hold and conquered sin’s curse; now Jesus’ victory of eternal life belongs to all who put their faith in Him.

Like the first disciples, believers today can be confident in God, His Word, and His ways. We’re called to live by faith through the power of the Holy Spirit to share this gospel boldly ... God delivers His people from death to life; Jesus Christ is the One who saves us from our sins—He is risen indeed!

Will you tell Jesus’ story of hope with the life He’s won for you?


What's included:

Develop a weekly routine and daily rhythm of engaging with the Bible.

Take time to develop a deeper understanding of the passage and consider how it applies to your everyday life.

Dig deeper into the text using purpose-made content from a network of trusted scholars.

Expand your grasp of each passage with Bible teaching and storytelling that offer additional insights and action points.

Ask questions and share what you're learning with fellow members in a weekly Group Gathering.

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