Get Started I

Study Length: 1 Week

Where are you going for wisdom to live by? Whose word is trustworthy and true?

King Solomon is known for his wisdom and intellect, his riches and capital city with its beautiful temple. The Holy Spirit inspired his writings we study today in the Bible. But in the early days of his imperfect reign, Solomon can specifically teach us - the truly wise person loves and desires God above everything.

So join Solomon, as he sets out to put God first in kingly service by seeking God’s wisdom above his own. In this study, Get Started, set out on mission with WordGo – to put God and His incomparable Word first in your day - by starting off with Bible study.

This one-week course welcomes you to explore WordGo’s four-fold study method - of Scripture readings, questions, notes, and audio teaching - with specially crafted tips and guidance for using the app and resources as you go.

From Solomon’s public worship and personal prayer for wisdom, to God’s answer and opportunity to put wisdom into practice, walk through 1 Kings 3 verse-by-verse and discover with Solomon: Only God gives such good and perfect gifts to grow our love for Him and give Him glory.

So will you get started in God’s Word this week and ask God to help you comprehend His grace? Will you pursue His wisdom to examine your heart, ask forgiveness for sin, and trust Him to transform you for His good? God calls ordinary people; He places us where we can bring Him extraordinary glory. Whatever your gifts and abilities, no greater honor exists than to point to the person of Jesus...

...and no greater wisdom exists than to ask God to reveal His truth.

Will you open the Word for His wisdom today? 


What's included:

Develop a weekly routine and daily rhythm of engaging with the Bible.

Take time to develop a deeper understanding of the passage and consider how it applies to your everyday life.

Dig deeper into the text using purpose-made content from a network of trusted scholars.

Expand your grasp of each passage with Bible teaching and storytelling that offer additional insights and action points.

Ask questions and share what you're learning with fellow members in a weekly Group Gathering.

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