Genesis 21-24

Study Length: 3 Weeks

What are you waiting on God to deliver? It can be hard to keep working in faith to see God’s promises fulfilled. What has God required that seems impossible for you apart from utter dependence on Him, His character and His promises?

In this 3-week study, learn how God’s plans require believers’ active obedience—in waiting and in doing. In other words, our relationship with God matters. And, no relationship matters more than our affiliation with the person hinted at and highlighted throughout Scripture—Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

Isaac, the Promised Son foreshadows the life of Jesus Christ. We study portions of Genesis 21-24 that shows God keeping His promises through Isaac: at his long-awaited birth, through his father’s obedient sacrifice, and in providential marriage to his bride.

In this study, witness God’s covenant pass from Abraham to Isaac. Take an amazing journey of faith with Abraham’s servant. Attend Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah. See God’s faithfulness to the generations. Isaac and Rebekah’s descendants include the ultimate son of promise, Jesus Christ—the Son of God, our Savior.

These chapters highlight what it means to increasingly know, love and trust God. We grow through God’s tests by taking risks of faith, following God because of who He is and what He has done. When we pray, act, and wait on our God, we see Him deliver all good things in His perfect way and time.

This study guides you into responding to the Bible as God intends —through reverence, worship, and joyful obedience by grace through faith. Will you take your next steps in exploring new, abundant life in Christ with us through this study?


What's included:

Develop a weekly routine and daily rhythm of engaging with the Bible.

Take time to develop a deeper understanding of the passage and consider how it applies to your everyday life.

Dig deeper into the text using purpose-made content from a network of trusted scholars.

Expand your grasp of each passage with Bible teaching and storytelling that offer additional insights and action points.

Ask questions and share what you're learning with fellow members in a weekly Group Gathering.

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