Genesis 3-11

Study Length: 5 weeks

Do you sense that you were made for more than this world? Do you long for freedom from evil surrounding you, wondering why things are this way? Do you fear they will remain so forever?

Genesis 3 explains our reality. Because Adam and Eve rebelled against God, the whole world is submerged in sin and death. While the bad news is very bad, this same chapter offers our greatest hope through a promised child.

Chapters 4 to 11 begin unfolding God’s plan to carry out His just judgment on sin and restore His creation.  These aspects progressively develop through the Bible to find ultimate meaning in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and coming King.

This 5-week study of chapters 3 to 11 describes how our infinite, pure and perfect God comes near to rescue His people and restore relationship with us. We witness how rebellion against God brings much more than judgment. Sin’s tragedy echoes loudly and sorrowfully – but so doeshope!

God’s love, mercy and grace offer transformation of all people bound in guilt, shame, fear, death and hopelessness by our sin. How might God give you His freedom and hope through this study? Where do you need to carry His promise that sin cannot stop His plan? What comfort could be yours to experience God dwelling among us to conquer evil and deliver perfect justice for all?


What's included:

Develop a weekly routine and daily rhythm of engaging with the Bible.

Take time to develop a deeper understanding of the passage and consider how it applies to your everyday life.

Dig deeper into the text using purpose-made content from a network of trusted scholars.

Expand your grasp of each passage with Bible teaching and storytelling that offer additional insights and action points.

Ask questions and share what you're learning with fellow members in a weekly Group Gathering.

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