Who in your small group could become a Group Guide?

Why finding new guides matters

Hilary Foye · 3 min read

Here at WordGo we want every Christian to feel confident about initiating and guiding a Bible study group! And here’s why:

… because it’s biblical.

We don’t need to lead or study alone. In fact, God’s Word is packed full of case studies for training up and helping others grow.

For example, Joshua’s time spent learning from Moses became essential to the journey into the promised land. Moses died at the edge of the wilderness, but Joshua was able to go further than Moses ever could. He led the people into Canaan with boldness and confidence.

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Jesus Himself intentionally taught, mentored, empowered and developed a select group of leaders who would continue His work on earth. In His Great Commission (Matthew 28), He commands His disciples - and every believer since - to go and disciple others.

The apostle Paul shaped Timothy’s ministry and told him to “entrust” the “things you have heard me say … to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (1 Timothy 2:2). Every Christian today is also called to do the same.

… because it’s practical.
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Encouraging others to lead is not only biblical; it’s God’s design for His church and it also makes perfect practical sense. Life happens. Illness, work or family commitments, combined with ministry responsibilities, can become too great a burden for us sometimes.

Remember when Moses was feeling discouraged and burnt out because he had taken on too much? God pointed out seventy capable leaders around him who were ripe and ready to serve (Numbers 11:10-17).

The more we share ministry with the capable people around us, the more we are reminded that none of this was ever about us anyway!

Another benefit of encouraging active group ownership is that if you have to step away from your small group temporarily - or even permanently - it will continue to grow and flourish without you! It is always wise to act before you begin feeling overstretched; you’ll preserve your passion for ministry, and your small group culture will be much healthier for it. A win-win scenario!

… because of the potential!

God has an amazing way of using people with all kinds of backgrounds, personalities and gifts to accomplish His purposes. Identifying and developing our God-given gifts is a crucial part of growing in our faith. Small group Bible studies are the perfect place to learn to become the person and the leader God has called you to be. They are also an ideal context to help others do the same. This is why it is so important to ask God to help you see the spiritual potential in one another.

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Look around your Bible study group at your next gathering, and you’ll soon notice those who are natural initiators! Maybe there’s someone who’s gifted at guiding conversation and asking insightful questions? Perhaps one person always comes well-prepared and makes an effort to make everyone feel included? Or, could it be that some of you have a talent for hospitality, which you could cultivate further by hosting a WordGo Group? Encourage your small group to see one another as brimming with passion and potential!

… Be biblical!

… Get practical

… Look for potential, and

… Watch your group grow!

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