Stepping Up

Thinking about launching your own WordGo Group? We can help you get up and running

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Have you grown spiritually from being part of a WordGo Group? Do you want to help others experience the same blessing? Perhaps your Group Guide has encouraged you to lead a session or two and you’ve found yourself thinking, ‘Maybe I could do this, too?’

Here at WordGo, we believe Bible study is best experienced together. We need God, we need one another, and we need the Spirit-powered words of the Bible to keep pursuing God in community (Romans 14:7; Luke 10:27; Matt. 4:4). That’s why we want to equip as many of you as possible to reach your friends, colleagues and communities with God’s Word.

If the idea of inviting others to study with you feels intimidating, remember God has always called ordinary people to accomplish his purposes. What’s more, WordGo makes leading a group Bible study simple. We are here to help!


Let’s start with what isn't necessary to be a Group Guide. You don’t need: know all the answers!
Feeling like we don’t know enough to lead holds too many of us back from trying it. We might worry, “What if I’m asked a question I don’t know the answer to?” Relax! Your role is not to know all the answers but to facilitate the circulation of truth around your Group Members. be able to teach!
You may have the gift of teaching, but you don’t need it to lead a Bible study group. Your job is to guide, not to educate; to direct discussion, not to dominate it. The Bible is the source you're all learning from, with the Holy Spirit teaching you together.

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...big numbers!
“What happens if not everyone I invite comes?” Be assured the Holy Spirit will be at work no matter how many people attend your small group Gathering. Some of the richest conversations unfold in twos or threes. So why not start by inviting a small group of friends to join with you? It’s easy to do this from within the app.


Once you’ve invited your Group Members, it’s time to consider what you do need.

… A time and place
Whether you decide to meet online or at a physical location, you need to set a regular time and place for your group to gather. Our app allows you to keep members updated with any location, date or time changes by sending push notifications.

… Resources to lead
Here’s where it gets even easier! The app provides you with all the study questions, readings, study notes and audio teaching you will need. Our support team can help with any questions you have. Our custom training videos and articles will walk you through all the essentials of leading - including creating the atmosphere, preparing for discussion times, growing authentic community and navigating relational challenges.

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… The desire for transformation
Each time we study the Bible together, God speaks, and we are transformed. As Guides, our first priority is the transformation of our Group Members. If we have a desire to see them grow, everything else will flow from there. Consider this testimony from one of our current Guides:

“I was quite hesitant about leading a group… but WordGo really makes it so simple… Having a structured Bible study has been impactful; hope has been restored, lives have been transformed.”

So what are you waiting for?

Gather your friends using the app

Grow as a Guide using our customised training, and

Go deep in God’s Word together!

You can start another WordGo group from within the app in minutes and it’s super easy to switch between your different groups. Here’s how.