Staying grounded in Scripture

An interview with Kristyn Getty

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Q: How do you keep yourself grounded in the Scriptures?

God’s Word is very powerful, it always has been, and it always will be. And so it’s vital to not give up on it. It's a challenge to remain consistent in the Word and can be hard to maintain with busy schedules, especially with young children but every day is new. We start again. We pick it up and we continue to grow and apply it.

For me personally, one of the primary ways in which I am reading God’s Word is by singing songs which are filled with the Scriptures. It's a way that I remember them. Particularly in the difficult moments, I just start to sing, and let those truths wash over me and realign me, and sometimes rebuke me if I have been not as thankful, or more cynical, or distant than I should be. It gathers me in a little. So that has continued to help me.

Q: Who are the people that support your spiritual fitness?

The first people that come to mind are my parents, who sowed the seeds of the importance of investing in God’s Word from an early age. So much of my understanding of the Scriptures and being able to write songs, and just processing daily life, has been the growing of those seeds in my life. I’m so grateful for that and I want to encourage parents, and for my own heart as well, to keep sowing the seeds in our children because it does grow. It can stay. It sticks. It can bear fruit.

I've a fantastic husband, who regularly sends me the Scripture verses that he's reading by text. It's almost like part of my devotional for the day and it's part of his spiritual leadership for our whole family, which I've greatly leaned on these last years.

Q: How did your upbringing make an impact?

We went to Bible studies. We enjoyed lots of various different resources. But just opening up the Bible and reading the text for ourselves, that was always encouraged. From that I was able to build all sorts of rhythms like journaling.

When I turned 30 and had my first child, I almost had to relearn faith and relearn how to manage my worry, my schedule and my time with being a mum. In that season I had to lean even more on other people to help me. Our local church has been phenomenal. I have a few great friends that step in and hold me accountable. I pull from the resources that were put into me and that I put into myself in my twenties when I had more time. I had filled up for the long journey and built those muscles so I could pull on those resources in the leaner years of craziness.

Q: Tell us about your WordGo experience.

Over this past year, having to do everything at a distance and online, you are reaching for those things that can fit in that new space that we're existing in, right now, and going forward.

I started my own personal Bible study using WordGo, studying 1st and 2nd Thessalonians. I absolutely love it. In the mornings I reach for my phone and open the app. I love the option to be reminded to pray before you start. I thought, "Gosh. That right there is very helpful.” I've been a Christian since I was four, and I know the importance of prayer. But even at the age of forty, just remembering to ask the Lord to use his Word to speak to you, it’s so simple but we need to be reminded of it, all the time.

The questions have been pitched at such a nice level, because they do make you think. They help apply the Scriptures and link it to your life. I like the "View insights” with the questions because I have to tell you there's been some mornings I've read and gone, "My brain's tired. Somebody help me please." And I click the insights button and the help is there. Even if you’re not studying in a group format, the insights are like a companion that help you along. You don't have to see what they say right away, but you can go to it, and suddenly it gives a few extra thoughts that maybe you have missed, or another way of phrasing something. The audio teaching has also been great. To press play and have somebody talk through ideas and thoughts, I love that.

I'm so interested and excited to watch WordGo, to follow it and see where God takes it next.

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