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How to study God’s Word: The four-fold approach

When it comes to studying the Bible, many of us struggle.

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Research on learning tells us that studying the same material in four different ways helps us digest and retain it better than any other method. This model also benefits visual, aural, written and hands-on learners alike. Here’s our tried and tested four-step process for great Bible study. Start off by reading the Bible passage. Then:

  1. Answer some study questions
  2. Dive deeper with study notes
  3. Listen to weekly teaching
  4. Come together for group discussion
Read the Bible passage
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One of the key ways we get to know God better is by taking time to listen to what He says. That’s why it’s always a good idea to begin with reading the Scripture passage itself, before researching what others say about it. Reading God’s written Word regularly maintains our connection with Him, and reminds us of His character and purpose for our lives. It keeps our spiritual life a priority, as well as helping us to more fully understand the whole story of Scripture.

At WordGo, we want to help you develop a regular habit of connecting with God through the Bible. Our app helps you set up a daily plan that fits with your schedule. When you open up the study section of the app for the first time, you’ll be guided through this process. Each day, you’ll be sent a notification that will prompt you to get started by reading the daily passage.

1. Answer some study questions

The questions we ask when we read Scripture will profoundly affect how we understand and apply it. If regular Bible reading creates the context for connecting with God, focused study questions inform our time in the Word and expand our understanding of how Scripture applies to us. Therefore, when you’re choosing a Bible study resource, make sure it includes guiding questions that help you get the heart of what God is saying through the passage, and how it affects us today.

In the WordGo app, after reading the daily verses, tap on the ‘Questions’ tab to access study questions that will help you understand what you are reading, and consider how it should impact your life.

When you fill in your responses, they’ll be stored securely (no one else can see them), but they will be easily accessible for you to refer to when it comes to the small group discussion time. If you want to share any insights with others before you next meet, just tap on the ‘Notes’ tab, then select ‘Group Notes’ to share them in a space the other members of your group can access.

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"Focused study questions inform our time in the Word and expand our understanding of how Scripture applies to us."
2. Dive deeper with study notes
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Believers today live in very different times, places, languages and cultures from those of the original biblical audiences. Notes on a passage can help us understand the original purpose of writing, decipher the original meanings of words, explain cultural references we might not otherwise understand, and identify some wider biblical themes we may not pick up on on our own. In short, study notes help us dive in a little deeper!

That’s why - in addition to the passage and questions - the WordGo app includes in-depth study notes (both written and audio) based on the passage you’ve just been reading. You can go as deep as you want, when you want!

3. Listen to customized teaching

Christian teaching is not just about transferring knowledge, it is about sharing transformational truth - truth that refills our faith, refreshes our souls and reforms our actions. As we open our hearts, and listen to others share additional insights from the passage we’ve been studying, we learn how to practically serve God, obey His commands and walk in His ways.

WordGo provides you with in-depth weekly teaching and practical applications for each week’s passage; just tap the ‘Weekly teaching’ button on the app. Listening before your small group gathering will give you lots of material for freer and deeper discussion times.

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4. Come together for group discussion

As you meet together to discuss what God has been teaching you throughout the week, now’s your opportunity to learn from the lessons others have gleaned during their own study. We read, discuss and apply God’s Word together not only to be informed (we can’t understand it all on our own), but also conformed to the image of Jesus (we need others to grow). Group Bible study exposes our personal biases and teaches us to listen carefully, question humbly, and be accountable to others. That’s why at WordGo, we believe studying the Bible is best done together, and even better with friends.

Are you ready to kickstart your journey to great Bible study? Start by connecting with God through regular Bible reading. Then:

… Inform your understanding with guiding study questions

…Deepen your knowledge with in-depth study notes

…Listen to Christian teaching for help to live out your faith

...Come together to get the complete recommended study experience, then repeat!